Assisting you in your mission of care

London Hospital Linen Service Incorporated (LHLS) is a not-for-profit organization serving the healthcare industry. The LHLS board of directors has members from the healthcare industry who assist in recognizing where value lies for healthcare organizations. This contribution from healthcare providers in our community reflects the LHLS commitment to make a difference for our healthcare members whether in a hospital, clinic or long-term care setting. Over 12 million kg of linen are cared for and shipped by LHLS per year.

When you’re part of the LHLS cycle of care, you’re more than a customer – you’re a member of our organization. And membership has its privileges. You have an opportunity to participate in our committees, driving continuous change and improvement.

The ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry are the focus of our valued employees. The experience of the front-line and senior leadership is second to none in North America.

Through innovation, attention to detail and a passion to support healthcare, LHLS makes a difference so you can make a difference too.

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EcoCare is a promise

EcoCare is the LHLS promise that in everything we do we focus on assisting you in your mission of care, and:

  • We strive to reduce our impact on the environment,
  • Make our workplace better, safer and healthier for our employees, and
  • Be a caring corporate member of our communities.

LHLS works toward 100% reusable, and if not reusable, then recyclable. Even our cart covers are recyclable. All packaging our members may receive when we deliver their cleaned textiles can be returned at no charge for recycling.

Actions show commitment

EcoCare was formally launched at LHLS in 2005. LHLS is proud to do our part, including:

  • Recycling over 100,000 kg of plastic each year
  • 100% plastic linen bags recycled
  • No chemicals harmful to environment used cleaning the laundry
  • Heat reclamation program to remove and reuse the heat from wash water, to reheat fresh water
  • Damaged linen items are repaired, when we can’t repair anymore, they are given a second life as rags.
  • Used items are donated to charities helping communities in third world countries.

The people part

The people side of EcoCare are those who make up our team and our communities. Our EcoCare philosophy strives to create value for employees, as well as the larger community.

We’re contributing to important initiatives to bring dignity, self-sufficiency and good health to those we live and work with, including:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Goodwill
  • Literacy programs
  • Animal welfare organizations
  • Medical missions to countries in need
  • Hospital Foundations
  • Community organizations

To learn more about how the LHLS EcoCare program fits with your philosophy, contact us today.