We believe that helping you in your mission of care involves more than providing your patients with clean, fresh linen. We must work together to ensure that we are meeting the needs of you and your patients in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Find out more about our unique services:

Total Linen Care (TLC) – an extensive suite of complimentary services available to all customers

Internet Quota (IQ) Program - simplifies ordering and gives you more control over your inventory requirements

Linen Exchange System (alEx) – manages general linen usage, prevents unauthorized use and eliminates loss

Scrub Exchange System (scrubEx) – manages scrub suit usage, prevents unauthorized use and eliminates loss

Soiled Linen Collection System - makes light work of collecting soiled linen and sending it out for laundering

Canadian Sterile Repack (CSR) Program - sterilizes surgical linens for safe reuse, while diverting waste from landfill

Hybrid Complete Delivery System (CDS) – revolutionary, all-in-one container with single-use and reusable items for surgical procedures

Surgical Gown Program - reusable surgical gown program reduces cost-per-use, administrative workload, and landfill waste

If you’re not sure how our services can fit into your linen program, we’d be happy to provide a consultation as part of our TLC program.

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