Operating Room Linen Services

Canadian Sterile Repack (CSR) Program

Aware of the unique requirements of a hospital operating room (OR), London Hospital Linen Service launched Canada’s first ever out-of-hospital sterile textile repack program in 1995.

CSR is an industry-leading service that sterilizes surgical linens for safe reuse, while diverting waste from landfill. CSR is more cost-effective than the disposable option, offering better comfort and protection for patients and medical staff.

Our highly controlled environment manages thousands of sterile textile packs over the course of a year for operating rooms and special-needs programs across southwestern Ontario. Third party testing has never revealed a problem with the CSR Program, and therefore we have never had a need to recall sterilized items.

Since its inception, the Canadian Sterile Repack program has saved the Ontario healthcare system hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Highly controlled, sterile prep room is equivalent to that of an operating room
  • All linen is hand-inspected for holes and tears and, if necessary, repaired immediately
  • Sterile packs are not released unless they pass biological, chemical and mechanical indicators.
  • Biological indicators are submitted bi-weekly for third party testing to ensure integrity
  • Getinge Canada performs quarterly sterilizer preventative maintenance audits
  • All sterilizer technicians hold valid CSAO certification
  • Every quarter Mesa Labs Datatrace Probes are utilized to confirm all sterilization parameters are followed and to identify areas for improvement
  • Honeywell’s Multitrend Electronic Data Recorder monitors sterilizer functions for time, temperature and pressure

Hybrid Complete Delivery System (CDS)

London Hospital Linen Service has partnered with Medline to launch our one-of-a-kind Hybrid Complete Delivery System (CDS). It is a sterile pre-packaged container comprised of single-use and reusable items required for any surgical procedure.

Available in C-Section and Vaginal Delivery formats, the CDS kit has everything hospital staff requires for the delivery of an infant including:

  • Admission items
  • Sterile gown, packs and drapes
  • Clean-up kit for the delivery room
  • Post-delivery products – baby wipe down kit, umbilical cord clamp
  • Baby products – disposable diapers, infant blankets and washcloths

The CDS is assigned to a patient when she is admitted and it follows her through each stage of delivery until she leaves the hospital with her new baby. At the end of her time in the hospital, the new mother can take the reusable container home to use as a toy box.

The CDS dramatically reduces the number of touch points by 90% resulting in logistical savings that contribute to faster OR room turnover, better inventory management, higher staff productivity and smarter space utilization. What’s more, whenever possible, reusable components are used reducing waste by 30 – 40 percent.

  • Delivers 90% reduction in touch points
  • Contains reusable products whenever possible reducing waste
  • Container is 24” H x 36” W x 24” D

The infant delivery pack is the first product in this new CDS line. Please contact us for information about other pre-packed kits for surgical procedures currently under development.

Surgical Gown Program

Part of the Canadian Sterile Repack (CSR) Program, our reusable surgical gown program results in significant cost-per-use savings, reduced administrative workload, and a reduction in landfill waste.

  • Designed and constructed from a combination of microfibre carrier fabric and breathable GORE® fabrics
  • Design and flexibility of fabrics provides maximum freedom of movement, comfort and durability
  • Adheres to CSA/AAMI PB70 standards for barrier classification

If you’re interested in any of our Operating Room Linen Services, please contact us today.