Operating Room Linen

London Hospital Linen Service provides a complete range of surgical garments such as scrub suits, surgical gowns, patient drapes, sheets, and wrappers for the rigid requirements of the operating room. Following the CSA’s rigorous standards, all OR linen orders are inspected and custom-assembled for each customer’s needs. We employ an OR nurse who works with our surgical partners to identify their needs, and develop services and products that provide real value and ROI.


Our uniform line of styles is professionally attractive and comfortable for long shifts. We have a complete range of sizes to fit all healthcare workers in various settings.

Our IPA ScrubEx state-of-the-art inventory control system provides access to scrub suits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while virtually eliminating loss.

Surgical Linen

Made of 1-ply microfibre and 1-ply of a specially treated poly/cotton sheeting, our 2-ply wrappers eliminate the need for double wrapping saving valuable time and money. The 2-ply wrapper meets a Class B CSA standard, and delivers the strength and barrier protection you need for both textile and equipment packs. It is ideal for extended sterilization cycles.

Surgical Packs

London Hospital Linen Service launched Canada’s first ever out-of-hospital sterile textile repack program in 1995. The Canadian Sterile Repack (CSR) Program is an industry-leading service that sterilizes surgical linens for safe reuse, while diverting waste from landfill. CSR is more cost-effective than the disposable option, offering better comfort and protection for patients and medical staff. Dozens of specialized products are available, and surgical packs can be customized to meet individual needs.

In addition to the right products for your OR needs, we have you covered with unique programs and services such as our Total Linen Care (TLC) - an extensive suite of free services including instrument return, lost & found, and linen consultation, our advanced Internet Quota (IQ) Program that simplifies ordering and gives you more control over your inventory requirements, our Soil Linen Program, an efficient, sanitary method for soiled linen collection and transport, and much more. Find out more about our services.