Long-Term Care

London Hospital Linen Service understands the unique requirements of healthcare staff and residents of long-term care facilities. Like you, we strive to provide a service that addresses your patients’ need for comfort and dignity. From bed linens to patient gowns, from towels and facecloths to personal clothing, we treat your linen with the utmost care.

Bed & Bath Linen

Our bed sheets offer 6.5 square feet of fabric more than the standard-size sheet covering the bed and the patient more comfortably. The 200-thread count means they last longer too.

Our bath towels, hand towels and face cloths are made with 16/1 cotton yarns to be plush and extra absorbent.

ReadyBath® from Medline reduces patient bath time, enhances productivity, kills germs, eliminate odours and prevents cross-contamination. ReadyBath is a single-use, tamper-evident pouch with eight soft, disposable washcloths pre-moistened with a gentle, no-rinse, pH-balanced hydrating cleanser.

Our friction-reducing patient positioning system offers nurses a means to effectively manoeuvre dependent patients in their beds, while providing patients with increased comfort and safety.

Adult Apparel

We offer superior quality patient gowns that have a minimum 64” sweep along the bottom of the gown for the comfort and privacy of all patients. Larger gowns available in 10XL with a generous 107” sweep are also available. Custom patient bottoms are available for ambulatory patients needing more flexible coverage.


Our uniform line of styles is professionally attractive and comfortable for long shifts. We have a complete range of sizes to fit all healthcare workers in various settings.


In response to increasing requirements for more hygienic cleaning solutions, London Hospital Linen Service has partnered with Medline Canada to offer a microfibre cleaning system. This system includes microfibre mops and cleaning cloths, and has the cost of laundering, replacement, delivery and loss of product built right in to save you money. Mop handles and buckets are also available.

In addition to the right products for your Long-Term Care needs, we have you covered with unique programs and services such as our Total Linen Care (TLC)   - an extensive suite of free services including instrument return, lost & found, and linen consultation, our advanced Internet Quota (IQ) Program that simplifies ordering and gives you more control over your inventory requirements, our Soil Linen Program, an efficient, sanitary method for soiled linen collection and transport, and much more. Find out more about our services.