Internet Quota IQ Program

Our IQ Program simplifies ordering and gives you more control over your inventory requirements. You can select packs based on demand, make instant updates to daily quotas, and access secure real-time reports on-line —all through a single point of data collection.

Our IQ Program is suitable for facilities of any size and we provide on-site training free of charge.

  • Simplifies linen ordering and provides more control over inventory requirements
  • Lets you capture data through hand-held PDA or any web enabled device
  • Uploads data to LHLS servers through our website
  • Automatically generates next-day order/pick sheets
  • Makes instant updates to daily quotas
  • Provides access to secure, real-time online reports

If you’re interested in our IQ Program to simplify ordering and make the best use of your linen storage space, please contact us today.