General Linen Services

Linen Exchange System (alEx)

Typically, the Emergency Department (ED) experiences the largest loss of linen due to its close proximity to the exit and high number of non-hospital employees in the vicinity. Linen is removed from hospitals by patients, family members, and patient transfer personnel.

alEx is an inventory control system that monitors how much linen each authorized user takes, and helps to minimize losses. The system is available in two formats: alEx LC distributes clean linen in bulk, and alEx SD distributes clean linen in a single dispense format.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Dispenses linen in seconds
  • UL & CSA certified, FCC compliant, OSHPD compliant

To learn more about alEx, or to determine if this service is right for you, contact us today.

Scrub Exchange System (scrubEx)

scrubEx is a dispensing system that effectively eliminates scrub losses, prevents scrub use by unauthorized personnel, and saves money on extra laundering.

The compact unit dispenses the correct size to each authorized member of the medical staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Small footprint – fits practically anywhere
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Dispenses and receives scrubs in seconds
  • User access: hospital ID, bar code, magnetic stripe, proximity card and keypad backup
  • Can hold up to 128 scrub suit sets; servicing up to 170 users a day
  • Video recording option to record each transaction
  • Real-time communication through hospital network
  • Available with an optional packer
  • Dispenser and receiver can be located separately
  • Approvals: UL & CSA certified, FCC compliant, OSHPD compliant


To learn more about scrubEx, or to determine if this service is right for you, contact us today.

Soiled Linen Collection System and Recycling Program

Our soiled linen collection system is an efficient, sanitary method for soiled linen collection and transport.

Soiled linen is placed inside hampers, which are loaned to you at no charge based on your specific requirements. Each hamper is equipped with a hands-free lid that is opened by activating a foot pedal. When the lid is closed, odour is locked in.

Soiled linen bags are made from 100% virgin bead polyurethane, which has not been repurposed or potentially exposed to foreign contaminates that can affect the integrity of the plastic.

All soiled linen bags and used cart covers are recycled. Over the course of a year, we recycle 215,100 lbs of plastic.


  • Hands-free, foot-pedal-operated lid
  • Open-frame design reduces heavy lifting and back strain
  • Wheels provide manoeuvrability; wheel locks ensure stability

Soiled Linen Bags

  • Firmly held in hamper by locking lid; no slippage
  • Durable bags can safely contain loads of 14-16kg (30-35lbs) and are impervious to liquid penetration and strikethrough
  • Durable enough for multi-floor laundry chutes
  • Available in rolls of 20
  • Colours include blue (OR), green (general linen) and clear (personal, uniforms & NOGs)
  • Made from 100% virgin bead polyurethane; extremely durable
  • Meet OSHA regulations

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